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Walter is a wizard on a mission to help his friend Titch,

who is suffering from having seizures.

Younger and older readers alike will enjoy and learn from Walter and his friend Terrance the Troll as they explore the benefits of cannabis and CBD in their hope to give Titch the quality of life she deserves.

Why a children's book about Cannabis?

The reality behind Walter the Wizard And The Magic Seed


My research began when I came across a statistic stating that  over 60,000 children  are suffering with multiple tonic seizures, here in the United Kingdom today. Sometimes up to 300 tonic seizures every single day.

Around 25 of those innocent children will die each and every week. 


I then went on to learn that we now have years of blind studies and research showing substantial evidence that Cannabis shows huge potential in reducing -  and in some cases eliminating, tonic seizures, that remain persistent within various diagnoses of epilepsy. 

Thousands of children are having to suffer unnecessarily, due to been unable to obtain access to this alternative medicine.

The reality is that only a handful of  children in the UK have full access to medical grade cannabis, supplied by the NHS. 

The rest of the children will not get offered this alternative,

What would you do if it was your child?

Karen Gray was one of the warrior mums I met on my journey. 

Karen was mum to Murray. Murray was suffering with over 200 tonic seizures every single day, he had no life or childhood, until he was able to obtain cannabis oils. 

Murray has now gone 3 years seizure free and attends everyday school with his friends.

He now lives his life to his fullest- all thanks to Mother Nature and his mum’s courageousness. 

As my research continued I went on to learn and gain more knowledge surrounding some of the many ways we can help learn to heal our beautiful ailing planet, if only we switched our current methods and materials and replaced them for hemp based products and materials. 

Offering only one narrative and bringing children up to solely condemn this plant is an untruth. 

It is unjust and it is biased. 


Children should have the right to the whole truth and be brought up in a world that’s capable of free thinking, compassion and debate. 

We must, as a society learn to bring in more balance, knowledge and understanding when it comes to the education of this healing plant. 




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